About Me v2.0

A lot has changed. A lot has stayed the same. I still hate writing “all about me” blurbs.

What Changed?

I finished my master’s degree after writing a 300 page thesis, having it rejected before it was read, writing a new 100 page thesis, and successfully defending that second version.

Spring 2021

I packed up our lives and moved my wee family (my son, our two dogs, and our cat) half way across the country to Northern British Columbia for a much needed new exciting chapter and adventure.

Summer 2021

I began my PhD at UNBC where I am looking at the mating behaviour of sharks and how sex and gender bias can impact what questions we ask, what we think we see, and how we share that information.

Autumn 2021

What’s the Same?

I am still mom to the most amazing kiddo who ever lived, who is still the creative, intelligent, compassionate, powerhouse he always has been.

Winter 2022

I’m still the same outspoken, nerdy, enthusiastic, neurodivergent, queer feminist researcher and student, ready to infodump at a moment’s notice.

Winter 2022

I still want to change the world, and believe in supporting and upholding and boosting the voices of those who are multiply marginalized.

Winter 2022

A selfie with a butterfly friend who visited while I was setting up my new “fuck-you-and-your-expectations-pink” office. Oh! And I wear glasses now.