…in this moment.

Okay, okay, okay… yeah. I know. I began setting up this site over a year ago and it’s still just sitting here without content.

This thesis journey has been one heck of a ride so far, and it has taken over my life in a very huge way. And it has meant that pretty much anything else I might take on or want to engage with has had to take a back burner… got the burner on low, keeping the delicious root veggie stew warmly simmering, so it’s there ready and waiting whenever I have a minute to sit down and eat. But so far I’ve just been too busy to actually grab a bowl and enjoy the soul and body nurturing meal.

I’m here though. Continually learning and growing, and I think about stopping in here and sharing how things are going, what I’m focusing on or doing. But mostly when I’m not writing, I’m too beat to share. These last two months I’ve knocked out over 60,000 words (sitting at about 135 pages currently) with more still to go.

It is kind of amazing to me, to be completely transparent. I thought I would have a hard time coming up with 60 pages of content, and I’ve got over double that, and will likely end up with triple by the time this thesis is ready for defending.

In the mean time here are a few of my ideas for where I’ll take this site: field research recommendations, product reviews, cool biology news, feminist rantings. And until then, is there anything you would like to see me tackle?

I test my physical and emotional boundaries and push them to expand. If my curiosity has a limit, it has never presented itself to me, and I never once asked to see it. I like to explore. — Meera Lee Patel, My Friend Fear: finding magic in the unknown, 2018, p15.

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