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Immense Gratitude, truly and deeply.

When the delivery driver knocked, I was surprised. I had already received the tiny package I was expecting (a pair of scissors and a supplement I was almost out of)… So, in PJs, I went running out the side door, and managed to catch him before he drove off. The box was enormous, with Home Depot branding. He asked for my name, and it checked out. Because honestly, my first thought was that he had either the house number or street wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time something had come to us in error, and we always make sure it gets where it is supposed to be. But nope. That was my name on his paperwork and on the package. He asked if he could just put it in the front yard, and I answered in the affirmative, thanking him. And then waving him off.

I managed to carry the box, which came up to my waist, into the side yard/patio/dog run… and yelled downstairs for the kiddo. I knew they were planning on going down for a nap, but I also knew I really needed help with this unboxing. Thankfully they hadn’t actually gone to snoozeville quite yet, and by the time I got the packing tape off, they were outside with me.

The kiddo starting to gather up the packing peanuts and wishing companies would get on board with using more environmentally friendly options.
Grab all those packing peanuts before they scatter to the wind!
What’s going on here? I’m just in shock;
Who would send me something so big?!?
Finally able to peek through all the packaging!
It’s the small low Exo Terra Natural Terrarium!!!

We love our mini Exo Terra terrarium. It’s what we affectionately call our snabitat – the snail habitat our captive bred Brown Lipped Grove Snails share with the wild harvested isopods. It’s gorgeous. And when I found the “small low” model on amazon, I added it to my wishlist, not so much thinking someone would actually buy it for me, but more to remind me it existed if I were ever able to make it work.

Lots of tears and a huge range of emotions. Immense shock, gratitude, appreciation… I cycled through enormous goofy grins and big ugly crying. I really am hugely hugely touched and so very very surprised.

To whomever did this: thank you. Just thank you. Truly, hugely, deeply… thank you. I am so utterly blown away by your generosity and kindness. I really have no words that could express my appreciation.

It’s amazing!
Me in my PJs a little less so, but damn. I’m just so deeply moved, and so full of gratitude that I really don’t care if you see me all grubby in my messy glory in the needing to be swept dog run.

So yeah! Huge surprise today… and the kiddo and I are already planning and dreaming and imagining which of the amazing animals on our “one day” list might get to be our newest family member. Maybe a GAL (giant African land snail) or two, or a frog, or lizard of some type, maybe one of a handful of teeny snake species… so many dreams to dream and animals to imagine. Lots of research to be done.

If this was you, and you are comfortable identifying yourself, I’d love to be able to thank you personally. …but if not, please just know how touched I truly am. This is going to give Red and I so much joy. We love being surrounded by life, and caring for our animal family members is one of the ways we make it through the horrifyingly awful long and terrifyingly cold Saskatchewan winters. Of which, I’m sure, we have one more to get through prior to moving to begin my PhD journey.

Again. Just gratitude.

Thank you.

Truly. 💖

I am utterly and completely blown away.

…and hey! Got any recommendations on cool or amazing critters we should consider adding to our family for whom this Exo Terrra terrarium would be perfect? We are sooo down for suggestions.


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