Nose Licks & Tail Wags

When I began The Biology Bitch website, I made the decision to close down – a site I had maintained for over a decade and a half. It had been part of my life through my animal training career, housing articles, recommendations, training advice, and a record of my dog show wins. It was a difficult decision, but the site had been inactive for five years. I kept paying for the upkeep simply to keep the information available as kindness in training is a valuable thing and something I have advocated for for over twenty years now. So, because I don’t want all those things to disappear forever, I figured I could save a few of my many many many articles (published online and offline, in magazines, newsletters, and blogs) and share them here. Sometimes I look back at my time as a recognized expert in the field of canine communication and training and miss it, I truly loved working with dogs and seeing the aha moments on their owners faces when the realized just how hard their pet had been working to communicate with them and what they were trying to say… but I don’t imagine I’ll be going back. It was a time in my life that I am grateful for, but I’m on a new journey now and it’s one I am fully dedicated to.

We are constantly learning and discovering more and more about the nature of our canine companions.  As further studies and observations continue, I have no doubt that we will become better and better companions ourselves.  For the more we know about dogs, the more capable we become at providing for their emerging needs. I have no doubt that the next generation of dog experts will outshine us in every possible way – and that’s an awesome thing!”

Tobi-Dawne Smith, 2005

So without further guilding the lily, here’s some of the help you may be looking for. And remember: kindness works!

a final screenshot before the Nose Licks & Tail Wags goes down; a little piece of my personal history.