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Premature ePublication

Okay… I had no intention of publishing this blog at this early stage. There is a lot that isn’t here yet. Tons of things I planned on uploading, coding, and including. However in light of the weird-ass shit going on in our world these days, I figured what the hell. Yeah, there may be pages missing, and it may not be as polished as I’m comfortable with, but that’s just the nature of our world these days. So if I can forgive others for a lack of perfection, I can certainly forgive myself for the same (or, at least, I’m trying to do so).

Image of a real fucked up slide, starts pretty normally, but then you are in for one hell of a ride as it drops out beneath your ass. It reads “if 2020 was a slide…”

So, don’t judge me too harshly for this soft opening. I’d have much preferred a nice firm entry into the online space, but early e-publication is better than no e-publication… I guess?

Uffda! That was a belaboured bit of innuendo.

Anyway. Be safe. Take precautions. And do the best you can to be kind to yourself and one another. Strange, strange days.

“Leslie Knope would’ve had a binder for this.”

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