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Don’t Stop! Keep Pushing! #BLM

It’s no secret that I have been feeling overwhelmed these last weeks. My health hasn’t been great (see my previous blog post - the cough still lingers, so I’m still under quarantine), and with everything going on in the world presently? Between the revolution, JK Rowling’s further attacks on the trans community, the lack of… Continue reading Don’t Stop! Keep Pushing! #BLM

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The ultimate debate: are leggings pants or not (diy mask)

Leggings are the pants folx seem to love to hate. But admit it, you totally love yours. I know I do. And I’m legit planning a post in the future outlining all the reasons why my favourite pairs are the ultimate in field gear. However, that’s neither here nor there, and for today’s purpose you… Continue reading The ultimate debate: are leggings pants or not (diy mask)

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Rex Manning, Rats, & You

First off: HAPPY REX MANNING DAY! That’s right, it’s time to relive the days of fighting mega-business, supporting our small neighbourhood mom and pop shops, and baking for our friends. Yes, I’m flashing back to that ever so fondly recalled cult-classic Empire Records and it’s glorious life-defining soundtrack... but oddly enough aside from the gathering… Continue reading Rex Manning, Rats, & You