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The ultimate debate: are leggings pants or not (diy mask)

Leggings are the pants folx seem to love to hate. But admit it, you totally love yours. I know I do. And I’m legit planning a post in the future outlining all the reasons why my favourite pairs are the ultimate in field gear. However, that’s neither here nor there, and for today’s purpose you can go on hating if you like, and if that is the case? You’ll love the chance to hack up this most hated fashion staple.

A pair of the kiddos old leggings with a hole.

I pulled out an old pair of the kiddo’s leggings that no longer fit. They are a kids size ten (but adult leggings work too and will fit a wider range of folx and can make a lot more masks per pair). These were only six bucks new, so I figure we are definitely getting our money’s worth out of them now.

Find the crotch seam, and cut along it. Or if they are one of those weird pairs with that solid body construction (I don’t understand how people can wear those, they feel soooo weird) just take your best guess on where that middle seam would be.

I’ve cut the crotch seam, giving me two pieces.

Now take a rough guess, or measure if you are the sort who feels the need to. The idea is to give yourself enough to cover from the bridge of your nose down to your neck. This piece is being estimated only from the crotch down the leg, do not include the torso piece in this estimate. Cut off the leg at this point.

The torso piece and a partial leg, showing where I made my length guess/measurement.

Now it starts getting tricky! You ready? Watch carefully….

The leg folded in half.

Yeah, okay… maybe I exaggerated. All you need to do is fold it in half, into itself.

You got this!

Right now your new mask is inside out, so you need to flip it right side out, like this:

The mask, right side out, with extra filtration added (if so desired).

In the picture above I used the space between the layers to put in a little extra filtration. Things like hepa vacuum cleaner bags can be cut to fit really easily. And other options are shop cloths, or pillow cases designed to cut down allergens. But it is definitely not required. Any face covering is better than no face covering.

Now slide it on (the waist piece which is folded towards the most narrow part of the leg piece should be around your neck, the plain fabric fold up by your eyes), grab your tiara, your favourite eye product, and rock the shit out of your greasy hair and new face accessory.

Mask? ✅ check
Tiara? ✅ check
Greasy hair? ✅✅ double check
Quoting The Princess Bride:
“you be careful, people in masks cannot be trusted”.

I’m wearing my Disney Villains jelly much shadow from Colourpop in Cursed, and my brown Roller Lash mascara from benefit cosmetics.

Showing off my jelly much shadow.

And hey! My favourite part of this particular look? The lack of product anywhere else on my face! 😉 It’s easy to be glam when all you have to do are your eyes. So have fun getting creative, and be safe out there.

Mask pulled down onto my neck like a cowl, revealing the glorious lack of make-up on the rest of my face.
Another Princess Bride quote: “it’s just that masks are terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.” Guess this is the future. Somehow I don’t think this is what they were thinking, but hey! I’m gonna rock my mask just the same.

No. Masks, especially homemade ones, aren’t 100% effective by any stretch. But every little bit helps, and it does all add up. So keep on doing what you can: wear a mask, wash your hands with soap for 30 seconds and often (and when you can’t, use sanitizer), shelter in place (and stick to social distancing guidelines when you have to be out).

You got this, you’re awesome!

Meme outlining mask effectiveness:
N95 masks 95%, surgical masks 60-80%, vacuum bag 60-87%, quilting cotton doubled up 70-79%, furnace filters doubled up 75%, pillow cases 22-60%, coffee filters 40-50%, wool scarves 21-49%, cotton bandanas doubled or quadrupled up 18-20%, no face covering 0%

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