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My little would-be queen

I took this week off from working on my thesis. I had been pushing myself far harder than I would ever consider pushing any one else – ever – to keep up my intense pace, determined not to let a world-wide pandemic interfere with my own personal timelines and work. All I ended up doing was pushing myself into a meltdown. So after some much needed consultation, I decided to take this week off. I desperately needed to engage in some self care. Thus I contacted a local art shop that used to help fuel all my supply needs in what feels like an entire lifetime ago (easily, I think the last time I picked up my conté was probably a decade and a half ago). Thankfully they are still selling supplies in spite of having their gallery and shop closed to the public, and even better? In spite of my meagre twenty dollar purchase of five conté sticks and one pad of strathmore pastel paper, they delivered it. Life savers these folx, I’m telling you!

Huge shout out to all the folx at Art Placement!

Need a few things to help you get through sheltering in place with your sanity still in tact? I highly recommend dropping them a line. They are open for pick up orders, and if you are in Saskatoon they will deliver for free if you can’t get to them yourself. Check them out at their website

Anyway… over the span of three days, and five different sit down sessions of one to two hours each, with my much loved and entirely unforgiving medium this is what slowly emerged:

The very beginning sketchwork.
She is beginning to take shape, as she gets fleshed out with a little sanguine conté.
Almost getting there. The smudging has left some areas needing more work. I love conté, but she is an unforgiving beast.
Here she is, my lovely little would-be queen, about to bravely make her way out into the grand world with hope and trepidation.

Considering how long it had been, I wasn’t sure I’d have any success. But once I put the stick to paper it felt like home and I lost myself in the movement of the doing. My bones and soft tissues remembered themselves, and my spirit relaxed and I found myself breathing through the process, the stress melting off of me much like the snow beginning to melt and drip from the roof as we finally begin to find ourselves in spring. There is a long way to go, before we will truly see spring, before we make our way into a new state of normal, before my little would-be queen is finished her adventure… but there is hope there waiting for us all.

Take care of one another!

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