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It helps to know that these stories are out there.

The research, the work I am doing for my thesis, can be incredibly disheartening. Diving in deep with the realities of a life scientific for Women, knowing that so many of us are dealing with the same issues fifty and sixty years later that pioneers like Rita Colwell, Barbara McClintock, Anna Berkovitz, Barbara Barres, Alice… Continue reading It helps to know that these stories are out there.

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Rex Manning, Rats, & You

First off: HAPPY REX MANNING DAY! That’s right, it’s time to relive the days of fighting mega-business, supporting our small neighbourhood mom and pop shops, and baking for our friends. Yes, I’m flashing back to that ever so fondly recalled cult-classic Empire Records and it’s glorious life-defining soundtrack... but oddly enough aside from the gathering… Continue reading Rex Manning, Rats, & You